Program Submission Information

Seminar Submissions

The conference schedule allows for seminars of 60 or 90 minutes in length but seminars of greater length will be considered. Each seminar room will be equipped with a head table and/or podium at the front of the room, and will be set up either classroom style (rows of tables and chairs) or theater style (rows of chairs), depending on the program. Projectors and A/V will be provided. Speakers must provide their own laptop computer to support any digital presentation materials. Wireless internet capability will only be provided if necessary for the seminar presentation, and must be requested in advance. Class size will run from 15 to 60 persons and rooms will be assigned and set-up according to registration numbers. Please indicate if there are a maximum number of participants your seminar can accommodate.

Consider these popular formats when designing and describing your presentation:

  • Case Study — A common format, case studies present facts, problems, and/or data with questions to generate discussion and solutions.
  • Graphic Presentation — Video, computer display, PowerPoint, etc., may be used as the basis of discussion. Please note that attendees have been generally dissatisfied in the past when presenters rely on PowerPoint too extensively during their program.
  • Panel Discussion — Series of short lectures or a Q&A segment facilitated by a moderator.
  • Short Lectures — Give a short lecture at the session’s start to generate discussion, or provide a series of short lectures, each followed by discussion.

Tour Submissions

Tours can be 60 minutes, 90 minutes, half day, or full day in length, not including transportation time. Please indicate an estimated transportation time. Tour providers must specify the maximum number of participants allowable on each tour. Please provide a contact person who will be at the tour site and will coordinate/present the tour. Provide one copy of any required release forms. For outdoor tours over natural terrain, please indicate if terrain is easy, moderate, difficult, hilly, wet, etc. AIA Philadelphia will make arrangements for transportation, where applicable. Walking tours are welcome. Please indicate if hard hats, special footwear, or clothing are required, or if safety equipment will be provided. 

Selection Process

The Forum on Architecture + Design Committee consists of representatives from AIA Philadelphia and our collaborating partner organizations. The committee will review and select programs for presentation in June and determine the Forum schedule, which will be released in July. Contact persons for selected programs will be informed of the schedule via email.

Program and tour proposals will be evaluated using the following criteria:

  • Well-defined proposal focus
  • Overall quality and potential to contribute to a well-balanced conference agenda
  • Experience level (beginner, intermediate, or advanced) and type of attendee interaction
  • Practical application of material or content
  • Experience of speaker(s)
  • Eligibility for Health, Safety, Welfare as defined by AIA Continuing Education System and/or Landscape Architecture Continuing Education System (LACES). Eligibility for Law or ethics credits as defined by AICP CM.
  • Eligibility for Continuing Education Hours for architects, planners, engineers, landscape architects and other professions.

Increase Your Chances of Being Selected

  • Use clear, concise language in describing your program.
  • Offer your program at an advanced level.
  • Propose a program that is new.  Programs presented on a regular basis will not be considered.
  • Carefully list all your speakers with complete contact information.
  • Do not propose a program that is a sales pitch for a company, product, publication.
  • Provide all requested information. Proposals that fail to meet all guidelines will be disqualified.


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