Philadelphia Emerging Architects

What is PEA?
PEA stands for Philadelphia Emerging Architects.
(Pronounced: Pee-yA) ; pee-yuh; /pēə/

What does PEA mean for me?
If you are an Associate AIA Member / AIA Young Architect Forum Member, you will still be both of those things! PEA simply means that you have a new committee structure that aims to bring you the best and most relevant programs and events throughout the year for emerging architecture professionals in Philadelphia. 


Contact Information: 

[email protected]
Michael Fierle, AIA 
Chris DePalma, AIA

Welcome Event Contact:
Dave Golden, Assoc. AIA
Cory Clippinger, Assoc. AIA
Michael Fierle, AIA
[email protected] (Subject: Welcome)

CANstruction Contact:
Jared McKnight, Assoc. AIA
Kelly Ganczarz
Alex Klohr, Assoc. AIA
[email protected]

ArchMentoring Group Contact:
Christian Jordan, AIA
[email protected]

BIG Event Benefit Contact:
Dave Golden, Assoc. AIA
Cory Clippinger, Assoc. AIA
Michael Fierle, AIA
[email protected] (Subject: BIG Event)

ARE Study Group Contact:
Dave Freedman, Assoc. AIA
[email protected] (Subject: AREs)

Spooktacular Contact:
Maggie Reed, AIA
Chris DePalma, AIA
Elizabeth Class, Assoc. AIA
[email protected]

Fast Forward >> Philly Contact:
Michael Carwile, Assoc. AIA
Carlos Mattei, AIA
[email protected]

Construction Tours Contact:
Cory Clippinger, Assoc. AIA
Blair Wagenblast, Assoc. AIA
[email protected]

Design Competitions Contact:
Erike De Veyra, Assoc. AIA
Richard Vilabrera Jr., Assoc. AIA
Carlos Mattei, AIA
[email protected] (Subject: Competitions)

Mailing address:
AIA Philadelphia Emerging Architects Committee
1218 Arch Street
Philadelphia, PA 19107

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Who is the leadership?

Co-Chairs of PEA (representing both Associates + YAF):
Michael Fierle, AIA (Associate Director, AIA Board- Year 2)
Chris DePalma, AIA (YAF)

Associate Director (AIA Board- Year 1):
Dave Golden, Assoc. AIA

Julie Morningstar, AIA

Kara Haggerty, AIA

Nate Hammitt, Assoc. AIA
Taylor Knoche, Assoc. AIA

Past Chairs:
Jared Edgar McKnight, Assoc. AIA
Maggie Reed, AIA

State/National Liasons:
Young Architects Regional Director (YARD): Christian Jordan, AIA
Regional Associate Director (RAD): Ray Bowman, Assoc. AIA
AIA PA Assoc. Director: Joe Adiutori, Jr., Assoc. AIA