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June 3, 2006
Member News

University of Pennsylvania's Morris Arboretum To Feature New Exhibit Designed by KSS Architects

By 28,Michael

J. Shermeta of KSS Architects has designed the viewing structure for the University of Pennsylvania's new meta Metasequoia exhibit at the Morris Arboretum in collaboration with artists John McQueen and Margo Mensing and structural engineer Tom Langan of Schoor DePalma Engineers. The Arboretum is located at 100 Northwestern Avenue in Chestnut Hill.
Located along the East Brook in the Arboretum's Madeleine K. Butcher Sculpture Garden, the viewing structure is the latest addition to the Morris Arboretum experience. A stairway brings visitors into the Arboretum's spectacular grove of Dawn Redwood trees via an installation called meta Metasequoia. Once aloft, a viewing basket provides an open-air room, allowing visitors to linger within the branches and experience nature first hand.
The artists conceived of a viewing structure to bring visitors into direct contact with the trees. A sound piece with narration and music provides visitors with historical and botanical insight into the Metasequoia trees.
"Nicknamed 'the grasshopper,' the structure appears to be pausing in meditation at the foot of the trees. The intertwining of design elements and nature in this grove creates a serene experience reminiscent of childhood escapes.

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