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January 12, 2022
Member News

JKRP Architects Announces Promotions

By JKRP Architects
JKRP Announces Promotions

JKRP Architects is proud to announce the following promotions:
Deidre DeAscanis has been promoted to Associate Managing Principal. Blake Krevolin, Zach Gulick, Marissa Howard, & Greg Cauterucci have been promoted to Senior Project Managers. This group, along with Mike Izzo have also been promoted to Shareholders of the firm. Jen Whary has been promoted to Project Manager. Cory Slahta, Eric Kaing, Greg Curran, George Konel, Jeff Pelcheck, & Nate Moran have been promoted to Senior Project Coordinators. Dan Vallachi, Kim Jusczak, Sam Neat and Bridget Novielli have all been promoted to Project Coordinators.

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