The Spring 2020 issue of Context focuses on the practice of working together to achieve more than we can as individuals.

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July 29, 2020
The Collaborative

Be Part of Design AID!

By Kimberly Pacini
Design Assistance in Demand

The Community Design Collaborative Design AID program is helping solve urgent problems facing our partners on the front lines. Our rapid-response Design AID (Assistance in Demand) program enables us to provide quick, inexpensive, and easily implementable design solutions to organizations serving vulnerable populations.

On April 1st, we launched a pilot project with Sunday Breakfast Rescue Mission, a Philadelphia homeless shelter that was struggling with how to implement social distancing requirements in and around its facility. We recruited a team of seasoned volunteer design professionals, kicked off the project with a virtual site visit, presented the team’s preliminary designs to a group of peers, and shared final designs to SBRM’s leadership.

Within a period of one week, the Design AID team was able to complete what would normally take six months as a typical design grant. This expedited timeline means that the client can use our designs to make decisions in real time.

Since then, we have continued to take on Design AID projects for other nonprofit organizations. We’re also providing services to neighborhood businesses that are struggling to rebuild and reopen. Currently, there are eight Design AID projects completed or in progress, and over 100 volunteers have expressed interest in being part of this work

Design AID projects are provided at no cost to the client organizations. This work was not part of our organization’s plans for this year, but delivering pro bono design services to communities in need is mission critical.

You can be part of this important work! Please consider supporting the Collaborative with a donation in any amount. Your support will help us continue to provide quick-response design services to organizations in need.

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