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November 6, 2018
Allied News

AGI’s Educational Tools Bridge Gap Between Architects and Glaziers

By Stephanie Staub & Amanda Weko
The AGI educational series illustrates and describes common glazing challenges as a means to communicate best practices for the design and construction community.

Both creative design and responsible contracting require daily problem-solving and continuing education. New products and design methods seem to appear every day, challenging even the brightest among both groups of professionals. From curtain wall to storefront, demountable interior partitions to the latest in dynamic glass, the glazing industry has a myriad of systems, products, and techniques of which to keep track. The Architectural Glass Institute (AGI) helps bridge the learning gap between architects and glaziers with programs and materials to support continuing education and ongoing dialogue.

AGI strives to create strong relationships within the design and construction community, to provide meaningful information based on its member glaziers’ experience with all architectural glass and metal applications, and to offer a network of experts to help keep AIA Philadelphia members current on glass system specifications, usages, and innovative technologies.

AGI has two convenient options for architects who wish to learn more about glazing design challenges and considerations: learn online via a series of technical articles or learn in person through interactive, hands-on programs. As an Approved Education Provider (AEP) of the AIA Continuing Education System (AIA/CES), AGI is committed to providing the architecture community with the most relevant and cutting-edge continuing education programming available.

Online Learning

To keep its members and their peers at the forefront of proactive problem identification, AGI developed the Devil’s Details educational series of articles. Each technical article illustrates and describes common glazing challenges and solutions as a means to communicate best practices. AGI calls upon its network of architects, building envelope consultants, façade experts, and member glaziers to identify topics of interest and generate article content, illustrated with real world examples.

Informed by technical professionals and inspired by real design challenges, the Devil’s Details help architects understand the nuance of glazing while building dialogue with the glazing community. In each of the 20 Devil’s Details articles written to date, links and resources are provided for additional information and education.

Devil’s Details topics have included:

• Top Design Considerations: Itemizing recommendations for choosing the correct system, tolerances and joint sizes, and perimeter sealant continuity.

• NACC Program: Explaining the North American Contractor Certification program and what it means for glaziers and architects.

• Historic Window Replacement: Covering thermal and acoustic performance, façade integrity, and other complexities.

• Interior Glass: Highlighting the differences and benefits of demountable vs. fixed interior glass partitions.

• High Performance Envelopes: Describing fenestration system selection for optimal performance.

• Importance of Detailing: Addressing structural integrity, movement, and weather tightness.

Hands-On Learning

AGI’s Architectural Glass Boot Camps provide design professionals with opportunities to learn hands-on glazing techniques. The interactive instructional program was developed specifically for AIA Philadelphia’s Associates and Young Architects Committee members but is open to any interested participant. Boot Camps reinforce the importance of collaboration and communication in design by providing an opportunity for emerging designers to interface with apprentice glaziers and enhance the educational experience by providing a forum for the exchange of information between these two groups about complex construction issues.

AGI will also customize an educational program ranging from in-office Lunch and Learn-style seminars to half- or full-day events combining lecture-style seminars with hands-on applications. Educational programs encompass all participants in the design and construction community and are geared toward owners, architects, designers, general contractors, and subcontractors.

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