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LBC Water Petal Deep Dive

August 21, 2018
5:30 - 8 PM
Penn State at The Navy Yard
4960 South 12th Street
Philadelphia, PA 19112
Registration is required
Event Cost: 

$10 Green Building United Members
$25 Non-Green Building United Members

In a typical developed community, water is treated as a free commodity; its source, distribution, and removal are equally hidden.

It is not unusual in developed parts of the world for water to travel several hundred or even thousands of miles from source, to use, to treatment, and then return to natural systems. The Living Building Challenge (LBC) takes a different approach, one that treats water as an asset and precious resource rather than as a problem, and asks that projects emulate natural closed loop systems, celebrating water for its beauty and confirming its importance to all living things.

At this event, part of the Demonstration Project series, you’ll learn about the requirements of the Water Petal and have the opportunity to participate in an interactive break-out session focused on the Water Petal so you can gain the skills required to apply the Water Petal to your projects. We are very excited to have Ted Mullen of Stantec and Chris Chamberland of the Bershire Design Group to help begin our conversation about water.

If you’re new to the Living Building Challenge, have an interest in sustainable water strategies, or want to brush up on your knowledge to get ready for the Demonstration Project Water Petal Workshop in September, this event is for you! We hope you can join us!

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