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Design, meet construction. On budget!

October 19, 2020
12:30 - 1:30 PM
via Zoom
1 LU
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Join CSI & ASPE Philadelphia Chapters in this exciting new program presented by David Stutzman of Conspectus.

We just won the design project. What's next? Block diagrams, stacking diagrams, massing studies, and building images. But wait, what is the project budget? Is it realistic for the defined scope? What project systems align with the budget and scope? If you are not asking AND ANSWERING these questions at the start of each project (sometimes before submitting a proposal) you are doomed to value engineering and redesign at no cost to the owner. This situation is avoidable with a holistic, collaborative team approach from the start with the addition of a conceptual estimator and specifier working in tandem with the design team. Describe building systems. Identify viable options. Record design decisions. Document what you know when you know it. Perform comparative cost analysis, before drawing. Make informed decisions and meet the owner's goals and remain within budget at every step along the way. This is not a fantasy world. This result are real and available now. Join this session to learn how to smooth design workflow, avoid value engineering, and improve profitability.

For more information, please contact:
CSI Philadelphia
Stephanie Staub