Bright Common X Future & Sons

February 24, 2021
8 - 9 AM
via Zoom
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The Housing Committee is excited to welcome Jeremy Avellino of Bright Common and Travis Douglas of Future & Sons. The two firms have collaborated on numerous projects together, and have established a reputation for innovative, artful, affordable and energy-efficient design and construction in Philadelphia. Join us to learn about their design process, the successes and challenges of the architect/builder relationship, strategies to implement high performance design principles, and more.

Bright Common
HIGH CONCEPT - Our work is rooted in research, place, and continuous collaboration. We revel in exploring what is mutually beneficial for our clients, the communities we serve and a thriving planet.

LOW CARBON - We have a responsibility and opportunity to creatively respond to the warming planet. We utilize time-tested building science and appropriate technologies to relentlessly pursue a regenerative built environment.

ALL PEOPLE - We believe well designed, healthy buildings should be available to everyone. We are striving to make this a reality through the consultants we collaborate with, clients we work for, and communities we engage in.

Future & Sons
Future & Sons is a turnkey and collaborative contractor doing innovative, artful, affordable and energy-efficient construction and rehabs in Philadelphia. We can help you design, plan and build any-sized piece of the built environment, from new construction to interior renovations to furniture. We are designers, artists, building-performance experts, and tradespeople.

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