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Andrea Ponsi: Drawing Analogies: Reinventing Townscapes

February 16, 2017
6:00 - 7:00 PM
URBN Annex Screening Room
3401 Filbert Street
Philadelphia 19143
1 LU
Registration is not required

The Drexel Department of Architecture and Interiors, through the generous support of the Good Idea Fund, is pleased to announce a unique program with Florentine architect Andrea Ponsi

Lecture Abstract

Based on the author’s books Analogy and Design and Disegnare Analogie , the lecture introduces a drawing method for moving directly from the study of an architectural precedent to a design proposal based on ideas derived from that precedent.

Using freehand drawing as the principal tool, several case studies related to urban contexts and natural landscapes are examined.

The method proposed is based on four distinct drawing phases: observation, analysis, abstraction and analogy. While observation and analytical drawings are part of the typical academic curriculum of an architect, less explored are the phases of abstraction and analogy: abstraction refers to a subjective interpretation of the precedent in formal or conceptual terms; analogy entails a new project proposal inspired by a precedent, applied to a hypothetical context more or less similar to that of the precedent itself .

Practical applications of the four phases drawing method are further analyzed by presenting four projects developed by the author along with the referents on which they were based.

Public Lecture
Thursday, 16 February 2017
6:00-7:00PM URBN Annex Screening Room 3401 Filbert Street
Reception to follow in the URBN Lobby at 3501 Market

1 February through 28 February 2017
URBN Center First Floor Gallery 3501 Market Street
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