Annual Exhibition

What: Annual Exhibition
Who: All Member Firms
Cost: FREE for firms submitting to 2019 Design Awards; $100 for all other submitters
Deadline to Submit: Friday, August 30, 2019 at 11:59 p.m.

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Last year’s new exhibit format allowed us to show the annual AIA exhibition in various places including at the Design Awards Celebration. This year we plan to follow the same format and hope that this year’s submission process will be even smoother. Once again, the exhibition is now open to ALL of our member firms (architecture and allied) allowing them the opportunity to show their work to an audience focused on design.AIA Philadelphia is anchoring the exhibits and installations at Cherry Street Pier during the 2019 DesignPhiladelphia Festival with two separate exhibitions, one that celebrates the legacy of AIA Philadelphia in the city of Philadelphia over the last 150 years and one that celebrates the member firm work that makes us one of the largest and oldest chapters in the AIA.

Exhibit Boards

We will be using the same board structure as last year with minor changes to the template. AIA Philadelphia will once again manage the printing costs for the boards as well as all of the coordination with the printer. 


Board Content 

All boards are REQUIRED to include the following information: 

  1. Project Name 
  2. Project Location 
  3. Submitting Company Name and/or logo
  4. Photo credit 
  5. Design Team (If Allied Firm member is submitting, team must include the Architect) including but not limited to: Engineering Consultants; Other Specialty Consultants; Building Owner; Owner’s Representatives; General Contractor

Download the Digital Template

InDesign and Illustrator templates have been created to aid in preparing your design. Download the files below and follow the instructions on the instruction layer. Be sure to change all fonts to outlines and turn off or remove the instruction layer before saving your final files as a PDF.

Exhibit Board Template Download
Sample Exhibit Board

Digital File Submission

Firms submitting only for the exhibit can upload digital board files and post payment using our easy submission form.

Firms submitting a project for Design Awards will be prompted during the entry process to upload digital board files.

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